Stage Objective
Intermediary 1. G.I.S. applications and achievement of digital maps
2. Dissemination of the research results
Final 1. Interrogation of the geodatabase
2. Dissemination of the research results
3. Payment of the sum representing the indirect financial obligations

Expected results

Intermediary stage

The data and the video material resulted during the research will be used for lectures and conferences held outside of the university framework, with the aim of popularizing the risk geographical phenomena with high frequency and impact on the landscape and human communities (landslides, flows, falls etc.).

Final stage

Publications in specialised journals issued by higher education institutions or by research institutes of other national and international organizations.

The results of the research will be put to good use and they will support the future collaborations with field researchers from national and international specialised institutions.

Moreover, the results of the project will be used by the services of the local administrations, which follow the diminution and the prevention of the effects of the dangerous phenomena.

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